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Situated in Canggu, Bali

We stumbled on this small place by accident whilst in Bali recently. It's basically a takeaway chicken shop, just like at home. The chickens are thoroughly cooked in a rotisserie and have been seasoned well. A whole chicken, cut into 4 pieces is only Rp 60,000 which is equivalent to AUD $6.00 you can also get fries or potatoes wedges to go for $3.00 or rice for $1.50, they also have nuggets drummies and hot wings. The staffs are so friendly, fast and very efficient. We ate there every second night, sometimes took a whole chicken back to our villa and sometimes sat at their outside tables. Well worth going to if you like a bargain and a half healthy meal.....


Chicken Run

Jl. Pantai Batu Bolong 56, Canggu
Tel. 085337790499 - 082359513987
        0812 16841147
Wednesday 9AM–10PM
Thursday 9AM–10PM
Friday 9AM–10PM
Saturday 9AM–10PM
Sunday 9AM–10PM
Monday 9AM–10PM
Tuesday 9AM–10PM
(Nyepi) Hours might differ